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What is ACT?

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a mindfulness-based, values-oriented behavioural therapy which has been shown to be effective with a diverse range of issues.  This therapy helps you to develop new ways of responding to your thoughts and feelings so that you can lead a more rich and meaningful life.  

It is a therapy which helps you learn new skills to improve your quality of life. Clients often comment that they prefer this to simply talking about their problems as they can learn techniques in the session, which they can then practice in their lives. 

ACT is an evidence-based form of therapy.

In ACT, clients develop mindfulness skills (both traditional techniques, and many modern, innovative ones) which helps them change their relationship with painful thoughts and feelings. When clients practice these skills in everyday life, painful feelings and unhelpful thoughts have much less impact and influence over them.

Who can benefit from it?

A growing body of data confirms that cultivating acceptance, mindfulness, and openness to experience is highly effective for the treatment of depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain and PTSD. ACT is also a very effective model for life coaching and executive coaching.


ACT for dealing with recovery of an injury

“I had a leg injury, which affected my life.  Prior to the accident I played sport to a semi-professional standard. When I came to therapy I was feeling frustrated and very down. I had always been a positive person but after the injury that positivity seemed to disappear.

The therapy gave me techniques to manage my thoughts and emotions in a more effective way.  By using ACT I became able to accept my situation and move forward. I am physically recovering and the therapy has helped me with that recovery e.g. by getting me in touch with my values I have felt more motivated to do actions that have actually speeded up my physical recovery.

 I would 100% recommend ACT.”

Male (Aged 27)