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What is Person Centred Counselling?

Devised by Carl Rogers and also called "Client-Centred" or "Rogerian" counselling, this is based on the assumption  that a client seeking help in the resolution of a problem they are experiencing, can enter into a relationship with a counsellor who is sufficiently accepting and permissive to allow the client to freely express any emotions and feelings. The therapist's role is that of a facilitator and to provide a therapeutic relationship.

This will enable the client to come to terms with negative feelings, which may have caused emotional problems, and develop inner resources. The objective is for the client to become able to see himself as a person, with the power and freedom to change.


“I started working with Sarah after I started a new job and was struggling to cope.  In my family feelings are not discussed so I felt very alone.  I found Sarah’s website and decided to book an appointment.  Sarah called me and I instantly felt the warmth and compassion in her voice.

Person centred counselling with Sarah allowed me to explore my past and to explore the issues I was having.  I was not judged and was listened to.  This was a new experience for me.

Working with Sarah allowed me the space and time I needed to discuss my problems.  It allowed me to deal with things at my own pace.  After a number of sessions with Sarah I now feel that I have the strength to cope alone. I owe my life to Sarah (at times literally). She was a great strength and inspiration.”

Female aged 29